Jordan Sanders, M.M.


Jordan Sanders hails from Caste Dale, Utah and grew up enjoying the outdoors in the San Rafael Swell and the surrounding areas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from Southern Utah University and is pursuing a Masters degree in Music Technology also from SUU. He sings opera and has performed in a number of operas at Southern Utah University. He has also been involved in professional theater in the Neil Simon Festival in Cedar City. Although he obtained a degree in music, Jordan also took a number of classes in Psychology and Social Work because of his interest in the human mind and human behavior. He enjoys working with adolescents and has been thrilled to work at Mountain Springs as a team leader and most recently as an Advisor. His passion of music and coaching adolescents have merged at Mountain Springs as he is helping to create a Music Technology class and recording studio for students to be able to record and produce their own music. He sings, plays guitar, bass and piano, and has recently finished producing a full length album of his own music. He has been producing music on his own since 2011 and has been producing music with others in Southern Utah since 2014. He is really excited to help the students at MSPA do the same. He is currently in two rock bands and performs fairly regularly around Southern Utah.

Get to know Jordan by watching a webinar he hosted titled, Practicing Parenting: Taking Back the Reins Before Transition