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Established in 2004, Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy (MSPA) is a boarding school that specializes in transition, step-down and practice. We are specifically designed to help students who are stepping down from a higher level of care (i.e. residential treatment, therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program) to prepare for their next step in life. We utilize a solution-focused model that allows students the opportunity to make choices (within a safe environment) and assess how much the students have internalized the skills they have learned in their prior treatment. Rather than using behavioral consequences with the students, our mentors utilize supportive relationships as the agent for encouraging change. 

MSPA provides many of the components of a traditional boarding school, including a full-range of academic classes, college prep and ACT/SAT test prep, etc. but in addition provides the expertise to work specifically with the niche of students transitioning from higher levels of care. Our staff and administration are experienced in working with students who have a history of academic, behavioral and substance abuse issues. We provide a full-range of wrap around services to support students who are transitioning from highly structured environments to be able to practice their skills and learning while exposing them to increasing levels of freedom and independence.

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