At Mountain Springs we have six excellent Advisors. Each is uniquely qualified in working with students and helping them achieve their goals. Upon admission, a student is assigned to an Advisor. The Advisor’s role is to build a personal relationship with that student and support them throughout their stay at Mountain Springs. A student will meet with their Advisor a minimum of once per week but often several times per week, for the duration of their stay. The Advisor fulfills four specific responsibilities:

  1. Meets regularly with the student to review and work on MAPP plan goals. In addition, the Advisor helps the
    student resolve any conflicts or struggles they may be having. Also, the Advisor helps the student get extracurricular
    activities/interests set up in the community.
  2. Serves as the primary contact person for parents and educational consultants. The Advisor does weekly phone calls with parents to keep them abreast of how their student is performing in all areas (academic, student life, therapy, etc.) during their stay at the school.
  3. Liaisons with the community therapist in town. Because therapy at Mountain Springs is outpatient and takes place by qualified therapists in private practice in the community, the Advisor serves the role of checking in with the therapist regularly to give them updates of how the student is functioning at the school and form plans as a team.
  4. Supports the student in applying for colleges and meeting the deadlines with the application process.
  5. Assists the student in setting up extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities and provides employment coaching.


Staff at Mountain Springs are referred to as mentors. This is because there role is not to be an authoritarian figure, but instead act as a mentor and support to students. They use their relationship with the student and their example as a positive role model to create change and personal growth. 

Every student is assigned a personal mentor. This is a staff member who outside of their regular shift responsibilities, sets up time weekly to come and meet with a student. This can be done in a formal or informal way. Often, mentors will take their students out on an activity or to grab a bite to eat while they mentor. This mentoring process provides the student an opportunity to build a close relationship with at least one staff member, where they can feel supported and open with this person. Mentors will often work in close communication with the Dean of Students to facilitate progress on specific MAPP goals or in setting up extracurricular activities (jobs, sports, and other interests) in the the community.