“The strength of Mountain Springs is in giving students the freedom to ultimately make their own choices. The focus that is put into academics and the privileges that students can earn . . . it prepares students for going home extremely well.” -Former Student

 A student's life at Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy is centered on serving others while growing personally. Our students serve each other and perform numerous service projects in the community. Often these times helping others are highlights of a students stay at Mountain Springs. Additionally, students are busy with their schooling, MAPP (Master Academic and Personal Progress) plan, therapy, chores, and the many activities that are part of life on and off campus.

Students at Mountain Springs are encouraged to assume leadership roles within the school community, including being dorm leaders, kitchen manager, student tutors, student government members, and participating in various student advisory and support groups. The Advisor works with the students to enhance the quality of campus life and to build school spirit and traditions. Additionally, through our unique mentoring program, each student is assigned a staff member at Mountain Springs who acts as their personal mentor and advisor. This mentor will meet weekly with their student to review progress reports, troubleshoot problems and assist them in accomplishing their goals.

Weekday and weekend activities include extensive outdoor recreation, cultural trips, movies, concerts, and theatre or dance performances. Other regularly occurring activities include softball, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, working out at the local gym, and skiing and snowboarding. A variety of other activities expose students to art, music and other fields.

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