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Type of Student Admitted 

Admissions into Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy is highly selective. A typical student at Mountain Springs is a 14-19 year old male or female who fits into one or more of the following criteria:

  • Graduated from a structured treatment environment but needs the opportunity to make choices in a supportive environment and the time to practice the skills he/she learned in a more real-world setting
  • Needs less structure than a treatment program but more structure than home can provide
  • Does well in a treatment program but struggles at home
  • Graduated from a structured treatment program but needs to catch up or complete high school
  • Completed an RTC or wilderness at an awkward time to enter back into school at home
  • Lacks confidence and/or self-esteem to face challenges at home
  • Parents/Stakeholders need to assess how much of the student's change in behavior is due to the external structure that the treatment program provided vs. how much is due to the student's internalized values
  • Completed structured treatment, returns home and struggles - needs to be returned to a "treatment setting" but not necessarily residential treatment

Fees and Expenses 

Tuition at Mountain Springs is $9,300 per month. The average length of stay at Mountain Springs is 8-12 months, with a minimum requirement of six months. Stays can range anywhere from six months to three years, depending upon the student's situation. There is also a one-time upfront enrollment fee of $2500 that is due at the time of admission. In addition, there is a $3,000 pre-payment due for one trek or credit for the international trek (non-refundable).

Tuition covers all normal educational costs, room and board, plus costs associated with each student working through their MAPP Plan and Personal Greatness Program. Tuition does not cover therapy sessions (which are contracted out), incidental expenses, psychiatric services and medications-if any, or travel costs associated with the larger, optional knowledge treks. Ask our Admissions Director for a complete breakdown of tuition and fees.  

When Students Can Enroll

Because Mountain Springs operates on a rolling admissions basis, students that are accepted into the program can be admitted anytime a bed becomes available. To find out about space availability or to speak with an Admissions Counselor about whether or not Mountain Springs might be an appropriate next step for your son or daughter, please call 435-592-3220.