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Our school is located right in the community of Cedar City. Our students are within walking distance to many events and opportunities in town. In addition, many students get a bike to be able to travel to various destinations in town on their own. Mountain Springs has a transportation coordinator who facilitates the variety of transportation needs of our student body. Students are regularly scheduling rides to go to therapy, jobs, university classes and other extracurricular activities in the community.

Community involvement is one of the hallmarks of our program. We want our students to be as active and engaged in the community as they desire to be and as their level of trust permits. Below are some of the myriad of opportunities our students have participated in:

Employment and Volunteering

Our students work with their Advisor to fill out job applications, interview and secure paid employment. In addition, many of our students volunteer at a variety of places (including a local veterinarian's office, an animal shelter, a local bookstore, etc.) that provide amazing hands-on opportunities and job experience.

Athletics and Physical Activity

Students can get involved in community or club sports, join dance teams at several different dance studios in town.  Mountain Springs Preparatory has monthly passes at Retro Fitness where students can participate in fitness classes and at the aquatic center where students can swim.  Students also run on the indoor track, climb on the climbing wall or use other facilities at SUU gym.

Educational Opportunities

In addition to the excellent academics we offer on site at Mountain Springs, there are a myriad of ways our students can add depth and breadth to their academic experience. Below are a few of these options:

  1. Students take classes at Southern Utah University through the concurrent enrollment program
  2. Students can attend (either part-time or full-time) classes at Cedar High School where they can take AP classes or classes that we don't offer in our curriculum (i.e. band, debate, etc.).
  3. Students can enroll at Southwest Tech where they can get hands-on training in a skill or field of choice.