Developing Responsibility

 A key element of Mountain Springs' program is in helping students develop into responsible individuals. We are reintroducing many of the variables that are part of real life but which students struggled with prior to going into treatment in the first place. Some of these key areas are listed below:

  1. Electronics and Social Media
  2. Relationships and High School Social Dynamics
  3. Video Gaming
  4. Managing Free Time
  5. Reintegrating Full-Time School
  6. Leadership and Peer Mentoring
  7. Practicing Sober Living

We want our students to have practice making healthy choices and balancing all aspects of their lives with the mentoring and support from staff and administrators at Mountain Springs. With the safety nets our program provides, students have the opportunity to practice but without the dramatic or life-altering repercussions that could result from poor choices at home. We want our students to experience success and become powerful young people with a strong internal locus of control.


To this end, we have created a unique and powerful program to help students achieve their individual goals and pursuits during their stay at Mountain Springs. We call this goal process the MAPP Plan, which is an acronym that stands for Master Academic and Personal Progress Plan. The MAPP plan is a document that consists of goals in the areas of academics, personal progress, family and future planning. The MAPP plan is not a treatment plan, no where on it is a student's diagnosis represented, instead it is life-goals that are aimed at helping the student become the happiest, most successful, healthiest individual they can be. The MAPP plan is created based on input from a multitude of different sources, including the student themselves, their parents, their therapist, their Advisor and the academic faculty. The MAPP plan is what allows us to individualize programming to every student at Mountain Springs and make sure that each students unique goals and needs are met. To see a sample MAPP plan, please click here:  Sample MAPP Plan