Aftercare and Parent Coaching

Transform Your Family Dynamics with Expert Parent Coaching

At Mountain Springs, we recognize that parents and teens can greatly benefit from professional coaching, both during their stay with us and as they transition home or into new life stages. That’s why we’ve partnered with exceptional parent and life coaches who are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our students and their families. Whether you're facing mild behavioral challenges or more severe issues, our coaches are dedicated to providing the support you need.Parent and life coaching is a specialized form of therapy where parents and caregivers learn to apply specific skills and strategies to address behavioral challenges and support their child's development. Through personalized guidance, our coaches help families build stronger relationships and improve communication, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resolving conflicts.

Why Choose Parent and Life Coaching Services?

Certified Professionals:  Our parent and life coaches are certified professionals with expertise in evidence-based strategies to tackle a wide array of challenges. They are trained to provide top-notch support and guidance, helping you navigate complex family dynamics with confidence.

Flexible Session Options:   Our coaching sessions are designed to fit your family’s needs. Coaches can work with the entire family together or conduct individual sessions to address specific issues and bridge communication gaps. This flexibility ensures that all aspects of your family dynamics are effectively targeted and resolved.

Expert Guidance:  From minor misunderstandings to complex familial conflicts, our coaches are equipped with proven techniques and strategies to guide you towards a more harmonious and connected family life. They help foster better understanding and cooperation within your household, supporting your family’s journey to improved communication and stronger relationships.

Personalized Solutions:  We understand that every family is unique. Our coaching sessions are customized to address your specific needs, helping you navigate challenges and build a stronger, more cohesive family unit. This tailored approach ensures that you receive the most relevant and effective support.

Holistic Approach: Our coaching services focus not only on immediate issues but also on creating lasting positive changes. By addressing the root causes of problems and enhancing overall communication, we help you build a brighter and more fulfilling future for your family.

Achieve a Happier, More Connected Family

With the help of Mountain Springs' expert parent and life coaches, you can transform your family dynamics, improve relationships, and foster a supportive and loving home environment. Invest in your family's future today and experience the profound benefits of professional coaching.

Additional Information

Please note that parent and life coaching at Mountain Springs is an additional expense, paid directly by parents to the coach, allowing for a highly customizable approach to meet your family’s unique needs.

Austin Davenport, LPC

Aftercare and Parent Coaching

Currently accepting new students

Austin is an experienced therapist with a background working with complex family systems. He has a direct approach while being relatable, compassionate, and maintaining a good sense of humor. Austin believes in the capacity within each individual and family to learn and grow and to discover new ways to find meaning and purpose in challenging situations.

Austin is a fully licensed clinician, with a decade of experience in the residential treatment field. He has worked as both a lead therapist, and more recently as a clinical director. Austin has several advanced trainings in DBT, Equine Therapy, Brain Spotting, Complex Trauma Treatment, Sand-Tray, and more.

Growing up with Attention-Deficit Disorder, Austin is an extremely "out-of-the-box" thinker, able to easily relate with neuro-diverse populations, helping them feel a sense of safety and belonging. This challenge during adolescence also taught Austin the power of direct and clear communication, which aids him greatly when working with both teenaged and parent populations.

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 Hillary Moses, MSW

Parent Coaching

Currently accepting new students

Since 2001 Hillary has supported adolescents, young adults and their families to uncover their strengths and to fight the victim mentality so that they could take charge of their lives. As a wilderness therapy field staff, therapist and clinical director in two renowned wilderness therapy programs over 15 years, Hillary has supported families through the grief they felt over the unexpected challenges they faced and toward a new strengths-based paradigm. As a parent coach since 2014, she has guided parents to develop the courage to authentically self-assess, in order to steward their families forward with grace and intention.

Information about Solutions Parenting Support

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Haylee Caddes

Young Adult Coaching/Mentorship

Currently accepting new students

Hayley Caddes is a certified life coach on a mission to empower young people to transform their lives and unlock their true potential. With over a decade of experience in improving mental health, both for herself and for young women, her philosophy is clear: mental health shouldn’t be depressing, and no one should face their struggles alone.

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Beth Hillman

Parent Coaching

Currently accepting new students

Beth is a life coach for parents of struggling teens. When Beth’s fifteen-year-old son went to wilderness therapy, she realized they both needed a reset.  Her feelings of fear, loneliness, and desperation for guidance led her to create the coaching program and support she longed for as a parent. She became a double-certified Life Coach, Arbinger’s Living with an Outward Mindset seminar facilitator, and threw herself into parent coaching. Beth brings a rare combination of empathy and expertise through a lived experience to parents of struggling teens, whether they are home, transitioning home, or presently in treatment.  

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Michael Sullivan

Parent Coaching

Currently accepting new students

Michael received his bachelors in Environmental Studies from the Naropa Institute in Boulder CO and earned his Masters degree in Professional Counseling at Central Michigan University. Michael was the most senior therapist in the Family services department at Open Sky Wilderness therapy, mentoring several new therapists and taking on the hardest cases. He founded a residential treatment center called Bear River Health in Walloon Lake Michigan on the principles of Integral theory and Wellbriety, making it the sole culturally specific treatment program in the Great Lakes area for the Native American population. To support an expanded practice, Michael became a certified Nature Connected Coach in 2019, now offering individual, couples and family coaching and family retreats. Michael uses an integrated (mind, body, spirit) approach to healing and wellness with success for clients working through addictions, traumas, mental health diagnosis, grief, anger and family fallout.