Parent Satisfaction

At Mountain Springs we pride ourselves in providing high quality care. To that end, we strive to constantly get feedback from our parents in key areas of our program to see where we are excelling and in what areas we need to improve. Every parent receives a quarterly survey that they have the choice to complete. We review this data at those times and our administrative team makes strategic plans on how we can improve our program and provide the highest quality product available. Below are some of the scores from our parents since the beginning of 2015 until the present:

(All scores are on a 10-point likert scale with 0 representing Strongly Disagree and 10 Strongly Agree)


  MSPA supports my son or daughter in making meaningful progress both on their MAPP plan goals and as a person


  I feel that the school is equipping my son or daughter with the tools they will need to move on with their life 


  I feel that the outpatient therapist is doing meaningful work with my son or daughter that supports their personal and our family goals


  I feel the Line Staff and Mentors are excellent at keeping my child safe, supporting them through their struggles, and in serving as role models for him/her


  Communication from the school about my son or daughter and their activities is excellent


  I am very satisfied that my son or daughter's physical needs (e.g. exercise, quality and type of food served, etc.) are being met


  I believe that the facilities are nice, clean and adequate for a school


  I am very satisfied with the academic instruction and support my child is receiving


  Based on my experience thus far, I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend or family member with a similar need to this school


Youth Outcome Questionnaire

At Mountain Springs we are dedicated to gathering data to make sure that the services we provide are actually producing results and that we can document this through hard numbers. Mountain Springs is a member of NATSAP's research initiative which means we have collected a sufficient amount of data over a consistent period of time that our numbers can be considered reliable.

We strive to have every student and their parent(s) complete the YOQ (Youth Outcome Questionnaire) at admit, discharge and 6-months and 12-months post-discharge. The YOQ measures students on several areas including Intrapersonal Distress, Somatic Issues, Interpersonal Relations, Social Problems, Behavioral Dysfunction and Critical Items.

Our research shows very promising results. Students are admitting to Mountain Springs with scores that are just at the range that is considered to be clinically significant (clinical significance is the point where those areas are considered to be problematic).  This is to be expected because most students enrolling at Mountain Springs have already completed a wilderness program or residential treatment.  They have developed skills that we want them to maintain and even improve.  At discharge students remain below clinical significance in all areas. At 6-months and 12-months we are seeing the gains being maintained and students staying below clinical significance in most of the areas. The chart below displays the total scores for our students on the YOQ at Admit, Discharge and One year after Discharge.