Parent Satisfaction

At Mountain Springs we pride ourselves in providing high quality care. To that end, we strive to constantly get feedback from our parents in key areas of our program to see where we are excelling and in what areas we need to improve. Every parent receives a quarterly survey that they have the choice to complete. We review this data at those times and our administrative team makes strategic plans on how we can improve our program and provide the highest quality product available.

Youth Outcome Questionnaire

Families enrolling their teen at Mountain Springs have already sacrificed significant time, emotions, and finances in the healing journey. Occasionally we are asked, “How do you know if Mountain Springs works?”  This is a great question. Success is measured differently by different families. For some, high school graduation is success. For others, symptom reduction is success. Still others see independent living as success.

Mountain Spring recognizes the need and responsibility to conduct appropriate research to ensure that our students are receiving the best possible treatment.  Our main outcome measure is the Youth Outcome Questionaire (Y-OQ).  The Y-OQ® SR 2.0 is a bi-product of one of the most researched outcome measures for youth in the world, and has been the subject of many studies worldwide. The Y-OQ uses a series of questions to measure the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment. It is designed to reflect the total amount of distress a teen is experiencing. Questions include information about a teen's decision making skills, interpersonal relationships, clinical issues, emotional regulation and mental health history.  A higher score indicates more emotional and behavioral distress.  A score at or below 46 is withing the healthy range.

We ask both parents and their teens to complete the Y-OQ upon admission to our residential programs.  We then ask both parents and teens to complete it upon discharge/graduation, and again at 12 months post graduation.  We have been collecting data since 2007 and now have thousands of data points.